ROS STUDIOは、2022年に設立された東京を拠点とするデザインスタジオ。感覚的であることと論理的であること、その両極端から互いが交わるまで物事を観察し、ひとの振る舞いまでをも美しくする本質的なデザインを追求している。深遠なデザインプロセスを経て創られる空間では、視覚が体感へとつながり、記憶に刻まれる。

ROS STUDIO is a Tokyo-based design studio founded in 2022. We pursue authentic design which even shows people’s behavior splendid, by observing the world extremely sensory and logic until they intersect with each other. In a space created through a profound design process, the sense of sight connects to the physical experience and remains deep in the memory. ROS STUDIO proposes thoughtful design which captures the heart of the people who spend their time in our space, and we offer the design to give them expanded sensation beyond shape, color, and texture.


有本 祐介Vice President / Designer
1989年生まれ。神戸芸術工科大学環境建築デザイン学科卒。建築設計事務所を経て、インテリアデザイン事務所で住宅・商業施設・レストラン・ホテルなどあらゆるジャンルにおける設計を担当したのち、 2017〜2022年の間、株式会社CURIOSITYにてグエナエル・ニコラのもと国内・外の数々のプロジェクトに携わった。
2022年4月、株式会社ROS STUDIO参画。

YUSUKE ARIMOTOVice President / Designer
Yusuke Arimoto was born in 1989 in Hyogo Japan. He is Director and Designer at ROS STUDIO. He holds Bachelor of Architectural Design from Kobe Design University.
Light after he graduated from the university, he started working for an architectural design firm, then he worked for an interior design office where he was in charge of designing any spaces such as houses, commercial facilities, restaurants, and hotels. From 2017 to 2022, he worked for CURIOSITY where he contributed to various projects under Gwenael Nicolas. Joined ROS STUDIO in April 2022.

更谷 祐香President / Visual Strategist
1986年生まれ。関西学院大学総合政策学部卒。株式会社資生堂のアカウントマネージャーを経て、複数の外資系ラグジュアリーブランド本社にてVisual Merchandiserとして活躍。各ブランドの国内・外計数十店舗のVMDを担当し、主要旗艦店のオープニングや国外プロジェクトのヴィジュアルを数多く手掛けた。
2022年1月、株式会社ROS STUDIO設立。

YUKA SARATANIPresident / Visual Strategist
Yuka Saratani was born in 1986 in Nara Japan. She is Managing Director and Visual Strategist at ROS STUDIO. She holds Bachelor of Arts in Policy Management from Kwansei Gakuin University. After working as an Account Manager at Shiseido, she found her passion in high-end design, and she worked for several global luxury brands’ headquarter as a Visual Merchandiser. She was in charge of VMD for dozens of stores in Japan and overseas and created visuals for major flagship store openings and global projects. Founded ROS STUDIO in January 2022.


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